View Full Version : ATP Petito and TouchDrive USB Flash Drives

Just Learnin'
03-23-2008, 06:01 PM
Source: Overclocker Cafe (http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/other_misc/ATP_USB/index.htm)

ATP Electronics has been a producer of memory products since 1991. Their products are found on the shelves of Best Buy, Office Max and Target to name a few bricks and mortar stores as well as a multitude of online e-tailers. In recent months they have been making a push to increase their market share and visibility.

Two of the products that ATP produces are leading this charge into the highly competitive flash memory market we have on our review bench today. The first of these is the ATP Petito Drive. Not much larger than a quarter, the Petito is offered in sizes up to 4GB in a tiny package. The second is ATP's ToughDrive. Encased in a thick rubber outer shell, the ToughDrive is shock resistant to say the least. It actually goes beyond being shock resistant and even bounces. Today, we have both of these products on our review bench straight from ATP Electronics. So let's take a closer look at each in turn.