View Full Version : Need RAM settings for M7VIT Pro + OCZ PC3200 EB PLATINUM

06-21-2004, 07:25 AM
I have 2x512MB of OCZ's PC3200 EB Dual CH Platinum Edition DDR in a Biostar M7VIT Pro mobo. I'm looking for the normal settings for the memory for this mobo + recommended settings to get the most out of the memory. The following are the BIOS options for the memory settings that I need:

Dram Clock
Dram CAS Latency
Bank Interleave
Precharge to Active (Trp)
Trans Non-DDR 400/DDR 400
Active to CMD (Trcd)
Dram Burst Length
Dram Queue Depth
Dram Command Rate
Write Recovery Time
tWTR for DDR 400 Only

Thanks for any help.