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03-19-2007, 09:15 PM
SteelKeys 6G is a professional gaming keyboard, designed exclusively for hardcore gamers:mischeif: (noobs complain about price,yet got owned by it!). SteelKeys 6G utilizes gold plated connectors to deliver a very durable and extremely responsive gaming keyboard.

hardcore gaming keyboard?...:rolleyes:

well we shall see,

i will have it by wed-thurs.the last expensive keyboard i grabbed was the enermax usb interface.the thing totally wacked my pc out,sound xfi squeling away pfft rma,ed. all steel,PS2 NATIVE support:thumb: with complete replaceable keys http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823703001

LOL WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!,sold me.dude is wailing on those keys!!(you tube video)

Quick facts about SteelKeys 6G

* Highly durable professional gaming keyboard

* Supports the use of maximum 8 keys simultaneously

* Gold plated connectors to ensure low latency:eek:

* Designed for PS/2 (USB-converter included)

* Dimensions: 445mm x 185mm x 30mm (17.5in x 7.3in x 1.2in)

All keys on the SteelKeys 6G are designed to endure a life cycle of up to 60 million keystrokes:eek: , all connectors are gold plated with 18K gold :eek: to ensure low latency and allows for fast and reliable response times even when using detailed and advanced key combinations.:thumb:

wads_smallSteelKeys 6G uses a specially designed buffer system, designed especially for PS/2 - up to 8 different keys can be used simultaneously. The use of PS/2 allows for easy plug-in to tournament computers at LAN-events and helps free up systems with limited USB-ports. Optional PS/2 to USB converter included.

Please notice that SteelKeys 6G was optimized for use in RTS-games, if you are a "WASD" gamer please read extra facts about the keyboard.

To further enhance the look, feel and performance of SteelKeys 6G an extra keyset for all standard sized keys is included in the package. The extra keyset is held in a neutral grey color and helps eliminate the risk of performing unwanted keystrokes in the heat of the game.

The Mechanical Tactile System is ergonomically designed to ensure ease-of-use and the no-click switches makes SteelKeys 6G very comfortable to use. All keys are operated at 65g making the keyboard ideal for long gaming sessions:chit: .

SteelKeys 6G is furthermore designed to withstand the strains of transportation, making it an optimal keyboard for gamers who frequent LAN-events. The casing is made of very durable thermoplastic and all keys are face plate mounted to a solid metal surface.



03-20-2007, 10:28 AM
bumpage...all gamers see this keyboard???...any thoughts?:eek:
click the dang youtube video,watch it,lololol