View Full Version : GAMEGAIN Review!

07-30-2006, 10:22 PM
Its a tiny review that I felt like slapping together after seeing this "Make Your PC Faster!" program.

I just ran 3DMark05 on the following system:

Windows XP Pro w/SP2
Abit KV8-Pro motherboard
AMD64 3400+ Clawhammer s754
1gig PC3200 RAM 2-2-2-5
160gig 7200RPM 8mb Cache

I should say that before and after running GAMEGAIN all the same background programs and services were running both times 3DMark05 was run before and after using GAMEGAIN. Also the current install of Windows XP Pro is rather new (less than a week).

3DMark05 Score BEFORE using GAMEGAIN: 6237

3DMark05 Score AFTER using GAMEGAIN: 6246

Well, what could you expect? A few thousand points? I do have to say that GAMEGAIN did do what it said it would...make your games faster, though I consider a 9 point difference trivial AT BEST.

Score: 7/10

It does what it says.
Rather small footprint (less than 1mb large)

You have to restart after changes are made
Not worth the $ to buy the full version