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  1. hwbot: SniperOZ currently #1 in GIGABYTE's 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest http://hw
  2. hwbot: German PC Games Hardware leading the HWBOT OC Challenge September 2010 http://
  3. hwbot: Hellas Overclocking Team back #1 in Teams League! http://hwbot.org/rankings/te
  4. hwbot: Let's boot at 9GHz! http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/831_lets_boot_at_9ghz
  5. hwbot: Next weekend: MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010 World Final! Live stream on H
  6. hwbot: SF3D takes #1 3x GPU 3DMark03! http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1049151_
  7. hwbot: BenchBros hit 1400MHz on GTX480! http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1047299
  8. hwbot: Octacore wins HWBOT OC Challenge August 2010! http://hwbot.org/competition/hoc
  9. hwbot: GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest starts tomorrow! http://hwbot.org/co
  10. hwbot: NickShih moves to 1st place in the GIGABYTE H55 competition ... http://hwbot.o
  11. hwbot: OCAlliance's Kal-El hits #1 4xCPU Wprime 32M (with video!) http://hwbot.org/co
  12. hwbot: Octacore takes #1 overall AMD 3DMark01 http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1
  13. hwbot: HWBOT OC Challenge: 36h left to beat the AMD 3DM01 World Record ... http://hwb
  14. hwbot: 36h left for the GIGABYTE H55 mini-ITX competition: Will Perica take the win?
  15. hwbot: South-African youngster Vivi sells magical E8600 ... be quick! http://www.ocba
  16. hwbot: HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark updated to version V1.0.2 http://hwbot.org/arti
  17. hwbot: Hicookie hits #1 in Pifast, SuperPI 1M and 32M with 6.9GHz 980X ... http://hwb
  18. hwbot: Brian y. hits #1 in Wprime 1024M 2xCPU! http://hwbot.org/community/submission/
  19. hwbot: Stock frequency and turbo mode, what to do with them? http://hwbot.org/forum/s
  20. hwbot: hwbot.org again up and running!
  21. hwbot: MSI MOA 2010 WW livestream started; check HWBOT frontpage #MOA2010
  22. hwbot: Elmor and ME4ME hit 1400+ MHz on two Lightning samples ... #MOA2010
  23. hwbot: GIGABYTE giving free H55N-USB3 mainboards in GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker
  24. hwbot: Romdominance hits #1 Wprime 4xCPU with Xeon X5677 at 6GHz! http://hwbot.org/co
  25. hwbot: [OCTV] MSI MOA 2010 WorldWide Final – Aftermovie online http://hwbot.org/artic
  26. hwbot: MSI's hunt for 450 & 460 - OC Challenger // Competition starts today!! http://
  27. hwbot: First plans of HWBOT Rev4 on HWBOT forums. Check it out, post questions and an
  28. hwbot: How much you want to pay for HWBOT? (forum poll) http://hwbot.org/forum/showth
  29. hwbot: Fact: Shamino left Evga - where will the OC legends go now?
  30. hwbot: HWBOT Revision 4 - The movie http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/842_hwbot_revi
  31. hwbot: Another way to show your HWBOT progress in a forum signature http://hwbot.org/
  32. hwbot: GIGABYTE Announces GO OC 2010 Worldwide Final Champion http://hwbot.org/articl
  33. hwbot: Another Xtreme Legend quits the game ... Sampsa Memorial Thread http://hwbot.o
  34. hwbot: SteveRo hits 35511 in PCMark05 - #1 overall! http://hwbot.org/community/submis
  35. hwbot: MikeGuava running a "no insulation" LN2 setuip at GOOC 2010 http://hwbot.org/a
  36. hwbot: GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 WorldWide – Official Aftermovie http://hwbot.org/article/ne
  37. hwbot: Overclock.net in the lead in this month's HWBOT OC Challenge! http://hwbot.org
  38. hwbot: If we had unlimited manpower and time ... what would make US do? http://hwbot.
  39. hwbot: Overclock.net scores an excellent 30/30 in September OC Challenge: awesome clo
  40. hwbot: HConSB(?): "Air cooling 4C/8T 3Dmark vantage Pass by 5.2GHz" - "Super Pi sub 7
  41. hwbot: HWBOT OC Challenge October 2010 launched - Single core only! http://hwbot.org/
  42. hwbot: ME4ME pushes MSI GTX 480 Lightning to record high 1450 MHz http://hwbot.org/ar
  43. hwbot: Weakest OC competition entry ever? http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/852_weak
  44. hwbot: Half-way in GIGABYTE's 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest - Danish OCer Rosty in
  45. hwbot: 48h left in MSI's hunt for 450 & 460 OC Contest - Toppc and Rickss69 in pole p
  46. hwbot: Bench Tec UK in the lead in this month's HWBOT OC Challenge http://hwbot.org/c
  47. hwbot: Elmor makes MSI GTX480 Lighting fly: P39281 with 1450/1325! New Vantage Single
  48. hwbot: Alternative solution for the Team Ranking in HWBOT rev4 - please comment: http
  49. hwbot: Mean Machine shares Vgpu modification for MSI GTX460 Cyclone http://hwbot.org/
  50. hwbot: Teams League Rev.4 - The alternatives explained + voting poll http://hwbot.org
  51. hwbot: Link to livestream on hwbot: http://hwbot.org/article/news/3613
  52. hwbot: 3Days of Live OC @ Athens Digital Week http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/857_
  53. hwbot: Pro's back in #1 PCMark05: 36198, GIGABYTE X58A-UD7 and 980X at 5.6GHz http://
  54. hwbot: Splave takes 6x CPU WPrime 32M record: 980X at 6213MHz! http://hwbot.org/commu
  55. hwbot: Lucky_n00b and yet another MSI Lightning GTX480 at 1400MHz http://hwbot.org/co
  56. hwbot: All-star legends Hipro5 and GPRHellas benching live on stage on the Athens Dig
  57. hwbot: Almost forgot! Congratulations to K|ngp|n, Juicy and Gautam for being first to
  58. hwbot: Rosty still leading in the GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker competition http:
  59. hwbot: Xtremesystems leading in HWBOT OC Challenge! 2p ahead of Bench Tec UK and 8p a
  60. hwbot: Whuh? Core i7 990X B1 does 5.2GHz on plain air cooling? http://hwbot.org/forum
  61. hwbot: Turrican first overclocker ever to reach 6000 hardware points http://hwbot.org
  62. hwbot: Beaux Loy grabs #1 Vantage on HWBOT: 69216! http://hwbot.org/community/submiss
  63. hwbot: MSI MOA 2011 Americas Online pre-selection kicks off! http://hwbot.org/article
  64. hwbot: Chew* claims "world record" thanks to "excellent tweaking" http://hwbot.org/fo
  65. hwbot: Beaux Loy hits #1 3xGPU in 3DMark03, #3 overall: 212514 http://hwbot.org/commu
  66. hwbot: Futuremark announces changes to ORB http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12
  67. hwbot: The Overclocker, issue 11 is out! http://cde.cerosmedia.com/overclocker-2.0-is
  68. hwbot: Elmor wanted to know if CPU was degraded. Result: Wprime32M and 1024M 6xCPU WR
  69. hwbot: Overclockers will be overclockers: testing GTX460 with Pentium MMX and K6/2+ .
  70. hwbot: Oc_windforce hits 1.4GHz on MSI Lightning ... "another one" http://hwbot.org/c
  71. hwbot: Hazzan takes #2 Vantage 1xGPU with Lightning at 1410MHz http://hwbot.org/commu
  72. hwbot: Sandy-Bridge news update: Sub-6s 1M at 6250MHz and 7GHz theoretically possible
  73. hwbot: Team.AU takes PCMV record on livestream! http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/87
  74. hwbot: Featured Live OC Session: Team.AU attacking PCMark Vantage. http://bit.ly/cCqn
  75. hwbot: Having some fun with old-skool benchmarks 3DMark 99 Max and 3DMark2000 http://
  76. hwbot: SteveRo pushes XS in the lead after submitting #2 PCMark05 http://hwbot.org/co
  77. hwbot: GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest: 5 days to go ... Rosty in the lead!
  78. hwbot: G.Foyle hits big 15k in Single CPU PCMark05! http://hwbot.org/community/submis
  79. hwbot: Using the H55M-ED55 for MOA Qualifiers? - "MSI H55M-ED55 Clarkdale IGP Overclo
  80. hwbot: Important: screenshot verification mandatory for all submissions http://bit.ly
  81. hwbot: Sandy Bridge Update: DDR3-2400 no problem http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/8
  82. hwbot: Sneak Blink at a few GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards http://hwbot.org/article/n
  83. hwbot: Gigabyte Core Prime contest! (Nov 1st ~ Dec 18th) announced! http://hwbot.org/
  84. hwbot: HWBOT OC Challenge November 2010 started! http://hwbot.org/competition/hoc_nov
  85. hwbot: G.Foyle smashes 1x CPU PCMark05 record: now at 16200! http://hwbot.org/communi
  86. hwbot: Giorgioprimo nails 43k in 3DMark06 Single GPU. New WR! http://hwbot.org/commun
  87. hwbot: Congratulations to the XtremeSystems OC team for winning the HWBOT OC Challeng
  88. hwbot: Core i7 990X in the wild: 4.785G 6c12t at 1.488V http://hwbot.org/article/news
  89. hwbot: ASUS & AwardFabrik Overclocking Event 30.10.2010 http://hwbot.org/forum/showth
  90. hwbot: Hardware sharing, nostra culpa? http://hwbot.org/article/news/hardware_sharing
  91. hwbot: Extreme IGP OC bios for MSI H55M-ED55 http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=78
  92. hwbot: Full GIGABYTE LGA1155 line-up (inluding box-art) http://hwbot.org/article/news
  93. hwbot: Indonesian overclocker Hazzan finds his way into the top-10 of the Overclocker
  94. hwbot: How did we miss this? CAL930 hits 7140MHz on retail i5 655K! http://hwbot.org/
  95. hwbot: The first ever global OC meeting on tape ... http://hwbot.org/article/newsflas
  96. hwbot: Tsan hits 6364MHz in Wprime 32M and hits 2.547s #1 6-core http://hwbot.org/com
  97. hwbot: !! Important !! Should we make mainboard information mandatory for screenshot
  98. hwbot: GTX580 to be launched today. Expecting a set of world records to appear on thi
  99. hwbot: Hazzan takes #1 3DMarkā6 Single GPU with old-gen GTX480: 43394 with 980X at 6.
  100. hwbot: Et c'est parti! NichShih nails P40k with GTX580 at 1250/1300MHz ... with LN2 h
  101. hwbot: GTX 580 - 1GHz GPU Vantage on AIR cooling! http://hwbot.org/community/submissi
  102. hwbot: Mean Machine first to submit GTX 580 result to HWBOT database; a solid P30k on
  103. hwbot: GeForce GTX 580 Voltage Modifications and Coldslow BIOS http://hwbot.org/artic
  104. hwbot: Phil hits #1 6x CPU Wprime32M ... looks like the Wprime competition is getting
  105. hwbot: 10 days left to qualify for the MSI MOA 2011 (Americas) final in Las Vegas! ht
  106. hwbot: Hardware King Turrican leading the MadOnion Nostalgia Festival ... http://hwbo
  107. hwbot: Nacho_arroyo, Ross and Achill3us on their way to GIGABYTE Core Prime success?
  108. hwbot: XtremeSystems leading the HOC Nov'10 Challenge, followed closely by Hard-H2o T
  109. hwbot: HWBOT Unigine Heaven UPDATE: V1.0.3b (beta) with fixed downclocking bug now av
  110. hwbot: #2 of last GOOC WW, Stephenyeong, hits 1.2GHz on GTX580 http://hwbot.org/commu
  111. hwbot: Need your help! Hexus Pifast background design http://hwbot.org/forum/showthre
  112. hwbot: And it has begun! First Sandy Bridge results in HWBOT database - 5.12G SPI32M
  113. hwbot: NickShih SMASHES Vantage WR with 4x GTX580 at 1100/1200: 71167 points! http://
  114. hwbot: HOC Nov'10 turns out a real thriller. United Team of Poland suddenly jumps to
  115. hwbot: 3 days left for MSI MOA 2011 AM Qualif! Brian Y. and Chew* entered the arena,
  116. hwbot: Phil nails 6.32GHz Wprime 1024M stable and hits new #1 6xCPU! http://hwbot.org
  117. hwbot: Opinions needed: Passmark Performance Test 7.0 - you like or dislike? http://h
  118. hwbot: Linuxfan taking lead in GIGABYTE Core Prime contest (4x CPU) http://hwbot.org/
  119. hwbot: GTX580 hitting 1320/1350 already ... http://hwbot.org/community/submission/107
  120. hwbot: BenchBrothers.de + 980X @ 7GHz jump 35 places ... right into top-10 HWBOT Over
  121. hwbot: Featured Live OC Session: Overclockers.com Live Benchmarking Party http://bit.
  122. hwbot: Please share your thoughts and input on the new subforum 'HWBOT OC-Crime Cente
  123. hwbot: HWBOT OC King Hicookie finds matching queen ... http://hwbot.org/article/newsf
  124. hwbot: Temporarily no verification link mandatory for 3DMark03/05 http://hwbot.org/ar
  125. hwbot: Germany takes over Overclocker Rankings; 3x in top-10. USA and Taiwan only 2 r
  126. hwbot: "The Efficiency Rating" http://hwbot.org/article/news/the_efficiency_rating
  127. hwbot: Aerou moves to #1 2x CPU in GIGABYTE Core Prime contest http://hwbot.org/compe
  128. hwbot: AMD's 5GHz on air cooling http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/929_amds_5ghz_on_
  129. hwbot: Thanks to 6.6GHz 980X doing 56790 3DMark05, Stummerwinter jumps to #3 in Overc
  130. hwbot: What's this all about? PURE and XS joining forces at HWBOT? Total chaos on for
  131. hwbot: 4-Way GTX580, 2200W and one PSU http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/931_4_way_g
  132. hwbot: What mainboard for overclocking my Core i7 980X? Here are some charts to help!
  133. hwbot: 3DMark11 delayed http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=82239&postcount=10
  134. hwbot: Hello yet-another-7G: Rbuass hits 7134MHz on AMD Ph-II X4 975 http://hwbot.org
  135. hwbot: FYI, you can also follow HWBOT news and updates through our Facebook page http
  136. hwbot: Extreme takes lead in 4x CPU category in GIGABYE Core Prime Contest! http://hw
  137. hwbot: Patch hits #1 Dual-GPU Vantage: 54800 with 2x GTX580 at 1100/1150 http://hwbot
  138. hwbot: AMD MHz record back-up game? NAMEGT hits 7153.9MHz http://hwbot.org/community/
  139. hwbot: XtremeSystems wins HOC Nov'10 (#1 in every stage!); 2nd comes Madshrimps Belgi
  140. hwbot: Get your PI-gear on; it's HWBOT OC Challenge time! http://hwbot.org/competitio
  141. hwbot: AMD + Chew* = DDR3-2500! http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/1085387_che
  142. hwbot: All-female OC team at MOA/GOOC/... ? Ideas, suggestions, opinions? Fire away!
  143. hwbot: Epic Nordic battle for Top-20 HWBOT Teams League: Team Finland (20 versus Tech
  144. hwbot: #1 Team at HWBOT, Team OCX, now carrying the Spanish flag! http://hwbot.org/co
  145. hwbot: Hiwa live overclocking session on Livestream: http://hwbot.org/community/lives
  146. hwbot: Now HWBOT rules in Spanish thanks to eL.Os-17, Dahaka, jureleitor and Feņo (Un
  147. hwbot: MaJ0r takes AMD 1M World Record! 9.875s with 555 at 6942MHz http://hwbot.org/c
  148. hwbot: Putting finishing touch to the HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark application; jus
  149. hwbot: Romdominance hits #1 2xGPU 3DMark Vantage: 56386 with MSI GTX580 at 1135/1075
  150. hwbot: AMD Overclocking madness continues: 7199.12MHz by Mad222! http://hwbot.org/com
  151. hwbot: Steponz hits Wprime 32M World Record!! 2x X5680 at 5.26GHz http://hwbot.org/co
  152. hwbot: 3DMark11 download links, courtesy of the 'gentlemen' over at itocp.com http://
  153. hwbot: First screenshots of 3DMark11 leaked ... http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/94
  154. hwbot: Kintaro makes a move in the GIGABYTE Core Prme Contest ... http://hwbot.org/co
  155. hwbot: FW265 series needed for SLI scaling in 3DMark11 - driver download links in for
  156. hwbot: MSI and Futuremark: Extreme OC Challenge http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/94
  157. hwbot: Think you can handly high-speed memory? http://hwbot.org/competition/hwb_ddr3_
  158. hwbot: Share your opinion on the topic of "3DMark11 added to HWBOT?" http://hwbot.org
  159. hwbot: Almighty K|ngp|n closing in on the 75K mark in Vantage http://hwbot.org/commun
  160. hwbot: As per overclocker request (loving this attitude!): HWBOT's DDR3 High-Clock Ch
  161. hwbot: Pro takes overall Wprime32M record: 1.639sec with 2x Xeon X5680 at 5243.2MHz h
  162. hwbot: HWBOT Unigine Heaven V1.0.3 launched (and ready for points) http://bit.ly/gTPi
  163. hwbot: TheOverclocker Issue 12 published! http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/957_theo
  164. hwbot: HWBOT's back up and running! http://hwbot.org
  165. hwbot: Trying to solve the issues causing downtime ...
  166. hwbot: Just realized HWBOT has hit the 1000 tweets mark :-)
  167. hwbot: 5 days to go - GIGABYTE Core Prime Contest gets more intensive. Current leader
  168. hwbot: Classicplatforms leading in the HOC Dec'10, right before Xtremesystems and Mad
  169. hwbot: German Dernettemann first to break 160k 3DMark03 Single GPU with GTX580 at 130
  170. hwbot: New server storage covered thanks to dedicated community members! http://hwbot
  171. hwbot: Closing in on HWBOT Unigine Heaven DX11 point-hunting!
  172. hwbot: Retail Sandy Bridge not for hardware enthusiasts ... http://hwbot.org/article/
  173. hwbot: Classicplatforms taking a firm lead in this month's HWBOT OC Challenge http://
  174. hwbot: AMD Phenom II X4 965BE || 7.3GHz ... done || 7GHz pi ... done || http://hwbot.
  175. hwbot: Sugar Bay and Bromolow-WS Platform Design Guide http://hwbot.org/article/newsf
  176. hwbot: LIVE! GIGABYTE Overclocking School in Almeria, Spain http://hwbot.org/article/
  177. hwbot: Retail 2500K hits 5.2G (previously 4.8G) on BIOS-updated Intel DP67BG mainboar
  178. hwbot: AMD Radeon HD 6970 Preliminary Voltage Modifications (GPU, VDD, VDDQ) http://
  179. hwbot: 38h left in the Gigabyte Core Prime contest! Fox, Kintaro and Extreme currentl
  180. hwbot: @EVGA_JacobF - Finally a vendor managed to get the 24pin connector right!
  181. hwbot: P67 Classified shows up http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/970_p67_classified_
  182. hwbot: HWBOT Unigine Heaven DX11 enabled for HWBOINTS! http://hwbot.org/rankings/benc
  183. hwbot: Legendary Sampsa: "I'll make come back to hwbot, heh heh". Assuming that last
  184. hwbot: The game is on! AwardFabrik, H.O.T. and BenchTec fight for #2 Teams League htt
  185. hwbot: Team.AU now streaming live! http://hwbot.org/article/news/live_overclocking_wi
  186. hwbot: Updated TeamAU livestream: http://hwbot.org/article/news/live_overclocking_wit
  187. hwbot: SF3D and Elmor running 4-Way GTX580 on livestream! http://hwbot.org/article/ne
  188. hwbot: 11h left in the GIGABYTE Core Prime Contest! http://hwbot.org/competition/gbt_
  189. hwbot: Team.AU streaming 7GHz AMD 965 live from Perth! http://hwbot.org/article/news/
  190. hwbot: HWBOT Country Cup 2010 Announced!! http://hwbot.org/article/news/hwbot_country
  191. hwbot: johnamd 2nd overclocker to finish 32M at >1200MHz in the HWBOT DDR3 HHC! http:
  192. hwbot: Classicplatforms remain in lead, Brazilian Over_Pieces looking to call out htt
  193. hwbot: 3DMark 11 Patch v1.01 now available! http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=850
  194. hwbot: Moonman grabs #1 in LGA1366 stage of HWBOT DDR3 High-Clock Challenge http://hw
  195. hwbot: Who inspired you to start overclocking? Share your opinion! http://hwbot.org/f
  196. hwbot: History.hwbot.org - what do you think? http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t
  197. hwbot: Team.AU benching 4-Way GTX580 Live! http://hwbot.org/article/news/live_overclo
  198. hwbot: HWBOT Rev4 Tech Slides http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15254
  199. hwbot: Team.AU benching 4-Way GTX580 Live! (part 2) http://hwbot.org/article/news/tea
  200. hwbot: Splave nails #1 1xGPU Heaven DX11: 1992.21 with GTX580 at 1200/1100 http://hwb
  201. hwbot: Futuremark/MadOnion delivered some prizes for the MadOnion Nostalgia Festival.
  202. hwbot: Belgian overclocker Gamer 17th overclocker to beat 3000 hardware points! http:
  203. hwbot: Stummerwinter destroys competition: Wprime32M 980X 6c12 @ 6524MHz http://hwbot
  204. hwbot: What about 980X full stable at 6.445G 6c12t ? http://hwbot.org/community/submi
  205. hwbot: PC Games Hardware jumps from #6 to #1 in -Teams League! Will other teams follo
  206. hwbot: Gyrock takes #1 1xGPU Heaven DX11: 1994.33 with GTX580 at 1180/1183MHz http://
  207. hwbot: Hm. Will Germany break 100k before 2011? http://hwbot.org/rankings/country/
  208. hwbot: Patch nails first 2k with 1x GPU in Heaven DX11: 2002.09 with GTX580 at 1240/1
  209. hwbot: HWBOT Wishes You a Happy 2011! http://hwbot.org/article/news/hwbot_wishes_you_
  210. hwbot: Forget about Sandy, here's something really impressive: Ryba nails 3.6GHz Athl
  211. hwbot: HWBOT Server Upgrade: down between 17h-18h GMT+1 http://hwbot.org/article/news
  212. hwbot: Netherlands moves in pole position of stage 1 of the HWBOT Country Cup 2010! h
  213. hwbot: Canada currently leading the HWBOT Country Cup 2010! http://hwbot.org/competit
  214. hwbot: AMD >7GHz #17: El Gappo and his X2 555BE http://hwbot.org/community/submission
  215. hwbot: MSI's R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning sneak peek http://hwbot.org/articl
  216. hwbot: Bad news for those hoping Romania wouldn't take it seriously this year ... the
  217. hwbot: Sweden completes the threeso... ehr. Three slots! Currently 5th http://hwbot.o
  218. hwbot: Titleholder Romania enters the arena - currently second after Russia http://hw
  219. hwbot: Smoke takes Heaven DX11 record during Country Cup http://hwbot.org/community/s
  220. hwbot: Pro-tip for the best result in the HWBOT Country Cup 2010 http://hwbot.org/for
  221. hwbot: USA, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Italy and Belgium one submission short to grab
  222. hwbot: GIGABYTE's AMD Highest Clock (ever) contest announced! http://hwbot.org/compet
  223. hwbot: Classicplatforms still leading HOC December! Are other teams waiting 'till the
  224. hwbot: Tiborrr currently leading the MadOnion Nostalgia Festival; competition closes
  225. hwbot: ASUS Sandy Bridge OC Guide (PDF) http://hwbot.org/article/newsflash/1038_asus_
  226. hwbot: Anyone who likes 3DMark11 Performance? http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dm
  227. hwbot: Limitations of Country Cup 2010 Stage 3 have been revealed! http://hwbot.org/c
  228. hwbot: Team Russia in 2nd, we also welcome Swedish OCers from Techsweden.org! http://
  229. hwbot: Cal930 takes #1 1xGPU Heaven DX11: 2029.91 with GTX580 at 1190/1206 http://hwb
  230. hwbot: Ikozarov brings score to beat in Maxxmem LGA1366? 4.9G NB, DDR3-1476 CL5-5-5-1
  231. hwbot: First 8.2GHz at HWBOT! Tapakah brings Cedar Mill to 8211MHz http://hwbot.org/c
  232. hwbot: Not present last year, but now definitly in the game: South Africa! http://hwb
  233. hwbot: Russia back in the lead! http://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2010 #hwb_cc
  234. hwbot: Oh, and another heads up: "The Germans are coming!" - Germany suddenly 3rd in
  235. hwbot: "Canada, O Canada, The True North strong and free!" leading in stage 1 of Coun
  236. hwbot: Oh, right. Also on the verge of a significant breakthrough in that other super
  237. hwbot: Last hwbot meeting of 2010 yesterday. Rev4 now officially in dev - rev4.1 @ br
  238. hwbot: Teams expected to shoot high in Country Cup, but not in sight: UK, Spain, Finl
  239. hwbot: @Gomeler please consider a "food that has killed" as a historical overview of
  240. hwbot: @Taisashikoku good luck benching, cal930!
  241. hwbot: AMD 7.1G take #355 - Chew joined the club! http://hwbot.org/community/submissi
  242. hwbot: Sandy bridge 2600k hits 5.5g http://hwbot.org/community/submission/2098416_chr
  243. hwbot: Oh. Wait. Chew's 7.1GHz AMD was actually an entry in GIGABYTE's AMD Highest Cl
  244. hwbot: Still pretty quiet in Stage 3 ... I think people will under-estimate the stage
  245. hwbot: Oh man ... Greece is throwing a bomb on stage 1 of the Country Cup. Will Russi
  246. hwbot: Operation "Sandy Blitz" has started! Be the first to really put your Sandy to
  247. hwbot: Want to comment on HWBOT Country Cup, just use #hwb_cc10 and your tweet will s
  248. hwbot: Country Cup 2010 Stage4 limitations known ... tip: spread focus on all stages!
  249. hwbot: First machines finish a run. ...
  250. hwbot: 4-way race countdown. ... Check out http://aquamark.mcq8.be/competition.php